The GRI is building WashU’s capacity in geospatial science

The Geospatial Research Initiative (GRI) is an intensive two-year project to build excellence in Geospatial research across all schools at Washington University. GRI aims to make WashU a preeminent international leader in global, interdisciplinary, geospatial research by 2030.

Seed Grant Funding

We are delighted to announce the opening of our seed grant application. The Geospatial Research Initiative, in collaboration with Washington University Here and Next, provides seed grants to support interdisciplinary teams collaborating on innovative geospatial research that has the potential for broad scientific or societal impact.

Seed grants will address significant geospatial research problems that have a strong potential for future external funding. Seed grants can be used to gather pilot data, perform preliminary analyses, or produce analytical tools with a goal of successfully competing for future sponsored research opportunities.

Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) must be full-time faculty at Washington University at the time of application.

Each applicant may submit up to two proposals as a PI or Co-PI.

More information about applying for these seed grants can be found here.

The deadline to apply is Sunday, March 31, 2024.

Our Mission

  • Accelerate geospatial research
  • Develop regional and national geospatial partners
  • Provide access to geospatial facilities and equipment
  • Promote WashU’s geospatial work

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